What We Offer

We offer ALL types of recording for Solo artists, Duo’s, Trio’s, Bands, Big Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Sound FX and more! Anything that needs recording, we can facilitate.

  • Single & EP 
  • Albums
  • Quick demo’s
  • Live and location recordings
  • Soundtracks for film and documentaries
  • Voiceovers
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts


We have a fully kitted out multi function space with the control room. One of the largest Control rooms around it has a built in sound treated vocal booth for ease of recording vocals. This directly links to both Logic Pro and Pro Tools HD rig with the ability to record up to 128 channels at once. A full mix of Waves, Slate Digital and other plug in suites run through the Digidesign C24 desk it’s a lovely mix of both analogue and digital technology to give you the best sound available. With all of this running through JBL Pro, Yamaha and Mackie monitors, we really do brag that you can get the best sound through recording with us.

We have a lovely set of preamps and mics ranging from SE, rhode, Sure, Bayerdynamic and many more. We also house a large range of in house instruments including an American fender super Strat, Roland Jazz chorus amp, Pearl Studio Masters drum kit, Full set of Sabian and zildjen cymbals, Roland & Yamaha synths, American Peavy Cirus Bass. This all runs through a similar amount of digital instruments with a full range of Komplete, waves and Native instruments VST’s.

We will always bring in specific gear and work closely with a lot of instrument and studio gear suppliers, so if there is a specific mic, pre amp or instrument you would like to use we can facilitate this.

Custom Tracks:

We are proud to say that we offer custom made backing tracks.
Whether this be an arrangement you’ve heard/seen on YouTube that you can’t find a track for, or an original arrangement that you want to get gigging with, we can make custom tracks for whatever the venue or purpose.

We have a huge contact list of session musicians in ALL styles of music that we use on recordings. We can do all live instrumentations, VST only and a mix of both. We will always work to your budget and produce the best quality each time.

You Know My Name/Another Way To Die – James Bond Themed Show